If you or your stand team require accommodation please use the link below for some suggested nearby hotels:

Audio Visual Services

If you require any audio visual equipment for your stand please contact:
Tel: 01892 820930

Badges / Registration

Exhibitor badges will be delivered to your stand on 23rd June – during the event build up. 

To order your badges please complete and return the Exhibitor Badges Form.  The number of badges you are entitled to is dependent on your stand size – see below for more information:
2m x 2m Stands: 2 staff badges
3m x 2m Stands: 3 staff badges
4m x 2m Stands and above: 4 staff badges

This form must be returned to Eli Tomkinson by close of play 24th May


Cash catering is available throughout the day.  All daytime catering will be served in the exhibition area.

To help keep your costs down we are providing vouchers for free of charge exhibitor lunch, this entitles you to a ‘grab bag’. Vouchers will be provided in an envelope to your stand team on the build up day.  The number of vouchers you are entitled to depends on your stand package – please see below for more information:

2m x 2m Stands: 2 vouchers
3m x 2m Stands: 3 vouchers
4m x 2m Stands and above: 4 vouchers

Deliveries / Collections

Any items being delivered in advance of your arrival must clearly display the event Delivery Note.  Items should be sent to arrive no earlier than Tuesday 9th March.  Please see below for the venue address:

Kent Event Centre
Kent Showground        
ME14 3JF

Please note Revolution Events Ltd and the Kent Event Centre do not take responsibility for deliveries/collections. The venue cannot store items after 17.00 on Wednesday 10th March, please ensure items are collected after the show.
If there are any issues please let Elizabeth Tomkinson know.

Health & Safety

Shell Scheme Stands:
All shell scheme stands must return the Health & Safety Declaration, no later than Monday 8th February.

Space Only Stands:
All space only exhibitors are required to submit full dimensional stand design drawings. Plans must be in English to a recognised scale not less that 1:50 and be submitted by Monday 8th February. 

They should be clearly marked REF: TheEducationPeopleShow and sent together with complete Space Only Stand Information to Elizabeth Tomkinson
All space only stands plans must be accompanied by a Risk Assessment and Method Statement covering the build up and breakdown activities.

Internet Access

Free of charge unsupported wireless internet is available for all exhibitors. Please note this service is unsupported and suitable for web browsing only.

If you have a more advanced internet requirement please contact to discuss. Please note advanced requirements must be discussed no later than Monday 8th February.

Hardwired connections can be ordered at the cost of £150+VAT per connection. Please contact Joe if this is of interest

Housekeeping Notes
To ensure that the wireless connections we provide work as intended we request that exhibitors do not bring their own individual wireless devices with them, as these can interfere with our network  There is a wireless network consisting of over 20 access points all managed by a central unit. This unit will manage the channel that each access point uses to ensure interference and channel overlap is kept to a minimum however if third party wireless devices that are not managed by the central unit are onsite the wireless network will start to degrade.
Whilst the wireless internet service we provide is suitable for web browsing we strongly recommend that exhibitors do not solely rely on internet based activities for their stand. Similarly we strongly recommend that any exhibitors wishing to show internet based activities bring a ‘cached’ (offline) version with them as backup as well.


All delegates will be wearing badges complete with a barcode containing full contact details.  To make the most of this we strongly recommend all exhibitors hire a ‘data scanner.’  This will enable your stand team to effortlessly capture the data.  You will then receive the data post event.

To hire a scanner please click here to complete the required form. Please return this form to


The Education People Show will take place in the Maidstone Exhibition Hall at the Kent Event Centre
Kent Event Centre
Kent Showground        
Maidstone Exhibition HALL
ME14 3JF
Tel: +44 (0)1622 630 975
Fax: +44 (0)1622 630 978

Easy Access from all over South East England and beyond - The Kent Event Centre is conveniently located on the A249 between the M2 and M20 motorways – less than an hour by car or train from London and with onsite parking for up to 30,000 cars.

For direction and full location information please follow the link below: