Event Timings

Please find below an overview of the key event times:

 Event Build Up

 Date Time

23rd June 2021

24th June 2021

 13:00 – 17:00hrs*

 07:00 - 08.00hrs

 Event Open Hours

 Date Time

 24th June 2021

 Exhibition: 08:30 – 15:15hrs*
Conference Sessions start at 09:30hrs

 Event Breakdown

 Date  Time
24th June 2021  15:15 – 17:00hrs*
* Times are subject to change
Breakdown must not commence until 15:15 on 24th June, after the exhibition has closed. 
Please be aware that vehicles cannot be brought to the side of the building until the hall is clear of delegates. All exhibitors are required to sign the Health & Safety declaration, which states that exhibitors will not break down before 15:15hrs. 
Any exhibitor who breaks down before this time is in breach of the terms and conditions of contract and may invalidate their insurance liability.  Revolution Events accepts no responsibility for any invalidation of insurance. 
All shell scheme exhibits must be collected by 17:00 on 24th June.

Please dispose of any rubbish – do not leave it on your stand.  Bins will be provided during the breakdown.