Vendor Showcase

The vendor showcase will take place during the Tuesday morning Keynote sessions at 09:50am in the main Keynote room. 

You have one minute which is all about you: who you are, your thoughts on industry trends, what you do, and what you can help with – an opportunity to drive traffic to stands.  Put personality into it though, remember the whole IRMS Conference delegation will be present, so make yourself personable!

We will run in alphabetical order and the IRMS Chair will let you know when your time is up in case you lose track of time ☺ If you / your team would like a face to face brief Deborah will be in the Keynote room at 08:30 and we can do a quick brief.

We will have an interactive element – where the audience can vote for the most engaging / entertaining session.  We do this for various reasons: 

It ensures your presenter thinks about what your key message is, with personality
It doesn’t annoy the delegates with overt sales pitches
Delegates see the "human” behind the brand
IRMS Conference loves interaction!

We will collect the responses in real time once you have all had your minute, and award the winner a bottle of champagne! (This will be at the Registration desk so whoever wins can collect on the day).

What you need to know…  


Your elevator speech should be brief. Restrict the speech to 60 seconds
A slide will be on the presentation screen behind you – one slide per company.  Here is your template – you can add to slide 3 – please return by Monday 10th May so we can ensure all slides are uploaded  
Be persuasive. Although short it should be persuasive enough to interest the delegate in what you have to offer 
Brag. Try to focus on assets that add value for delegates. Brag about what is great about you but avoid sounding boastful 
Practice! Please ensure that whomever delivers this, practices ☺ 
Leave them wanting more. Use this as an opportunity to finish your exciting story when they come find you later on, or offer them a benefit to attend the stand
This is not mandatory – but we do need to know if you are doing this.  Please confirm by emailing the team 

What to avoid:

Don't speak too fast. One minute can be used effectively – choose your words wisely but don’t cram too many in or it will make it hard for listeners to absorb your message. 
Avoid rambling. Use a script if you don’t have time to remember it
Don't frown or speak in a monotone. Keep your delivery positive and enthusiastic.
Modulate your voice to keep listeners interested and keep your facial expression friendly. 


"My name is Deborah, and I am the Group Event Director for Revolution Events. It’s a small but perfectly formed company, that prides itself on offering great customers services and a personal touch to all of our event attendees, which makes a big difference to our customers. Not only do we deliver innovative Conferences, exhibitions, Awards evenings and corporate days within budget, but as a team we work collaboratively ensuring that all great ideas and best practices are shared across events.  Come and chat to me over the next few days, I will be on the Revolution events stand in the Information Market, and I would happily offer advice on any event plans that you may have in the future – from imagery, marketing and sales generation.  In fact, swing by my stand and I can share my champagne with you, as we are celebrating our 21st year anniversary, photos of what "really goes on behind the scenes”! and also let you have a copy of a Best Practice at events tip sheet” 

Seminar Sessions

Each workshop room at the IRMS Conference will be set up with the following equipment:
-    Screen (Slide Size 16:9)
-    Projector
-    Microphone and PA
-    Seats
-    Laptop

NB: If you would prefer to use your own HDMI only laptop or Apple Mac for your presentation you will need to supply your own adaptor.

Please note that presentations provided in advance will be brought on site and used in the appropriate session unless we are told otherwise.  If you have a new version you wish to use please ensure you bring a copy on site.

For a detailed crib sheet from our AV provider please click here

If you have any questions upon arrival please ask for Emma Turley at the registration desk.

Seminar rooms are located across a number of floors.  Upon arrival please feel free to ask one of the team to show you which room your session will take place in, should you have one as part of your package.

If you have any special AV requirements such as sound, video or WiFi connections please email no later than Monday 10th May.  Please note there may be a charge for certain requirements.